Upcoming Programs

Flis Holland, Gravity doesn’t keep you down I do (2019), performance.
Photo: Helen Korpak

Fall Open Studios

Thursday, November 7th, 6 - 8 PM 
Triangle Arts Association
20 Jay Street suite 318 [3rd floor]

Brooklyn, NY 11201

Come visit us to see new work by our artists in residence, including sculpture, painting, photography , video and more!

Damien Davis (b. 1984) is a Brooklyn-based artist, born in Crowley, Louisiana and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. His practice explores historical representations of blackness by unpacking the visual language of various cultures, question how these societies code/decode representations of race through craft, design and digital modes of production. Made up of glyphic shapes, patterns, and images, the works interact in dynamic ways, that creating ever-shifting relationships and meanings, while brokering new associations and conversations.

Mr. Davis holds a BFA in Studio Art and an MA in Visual Arts Administration from New York University.
Joel Dean describes his practice as, “Objects of progress bridge breaks in our systems, only to become links in the chains of a free society. Innovations as simple as the bottle, the coin, or the organization of time, in different ways hold the potential to liberate us from the chaos of ourselves. Consequently, these innovations are imbued with an inherent faculty for disembodiment. In my work I explore the paradox of technological development as a physical and psychological extension of the body. I alter, re­make and re-­present found objects and images to set up microcosmic reflections of the world in a poetry of its own organizational structures.”
Flis Holland writes, “I used to be an engineer specialising in asteroid deflection but I quit under a cloud. For years I pretended space didn't exist, but it has snuck back into my practice. My career change is a way to discuss our views of trauma and depression: there’s been a big shift from single, world-ending catastrophes to ongoing stories of everyday survival. Right now I’m using sci-fi writing and performance to do this. I’m a Finnish-British artist based in Helsinki, in the final stages of a DFA at Kuvataideakatemia supervised by Taru Elfving.”
In her installation work, Ye-Eun Min reorganizes the symbolic and material characteristics of the house. She visualizes the ambiguous space and non-linear time arising from interactions between indoor and outdoor spaces, and between matter and thought. She combines various media and materials to construct a state of transient harmony, an unfamiliar state of temporary balance with its own rules.


Snails in the rain

Saturday 11am - 5pm
Sunday 11am - 5pm
October 1st - October 27th

Governors Island, House 7B Nolan Park
New York, NY 11231
Ferry schedules and more info about Governors Island here.

Snails in the Rain is an exhibition organized by current Triangle Governors Island artist in residence, Mo Kong. Kong a researcher and multi-media artist whose work is deeply impacted by social events and posits questions about the current political environment. His research-led process usually takes the form of large scale installations involving science research and multiple journalism perspectives in which he challenges key issues using complex narratives that synthesize the past with the present. Christina Poblador is an artist and a feminist exploring the art of glass blowing, performance and scent in contemporary art. Her work interprets autochthonous narratives from Philippine history and culture and shapes them into conceptual creations that reflect her love for nature and her unique, cross-cultural personal experience. Wangui Maina is a multidisciplinary artist based in Brooklyn, NY. Her work often examines culturally specific adornment practices and the way they shape how individuals navigate through the world both physically and figuratively.