Triangle was founded in 1982 by artist Anthony Caro and founder of Gasworks, Robert Loder. Its first program, the Artists’ Workshop was organized in the summer of 1982 when 25 artists from New York City, the United Kingdom and Canada—forming the original “triangle”—were invited to Mashomack Fish and Game Preserve in Pine Plains, New York. The workshop aimed to provide artists with space and time to enter into dialogue and exchange ideas, knowledge and skills with each other. The focus of the workshop was on process of making work rather than the end product.

Originally envisioned as a very loosely structured, one-off experiment, the workshop had a profound impact upon its participants and was repeated annually at Mashomack until 1993, with an additional workshop held in Barcelona, Spain in 1987. During that time, Triangle became increasingly international, as artists from all over the world applied and were selected to participate in the workshop. Invigorated and inspired by their experiences at the workshop, many of the artists returned to their home countries and started their own workshops and art spaces while maintaining contact with one another. Thus, the Triangle Network was formed.

Today this network is comprised of members in nearly 40 countries. Many of these spaces offer studios for local artists, international residencies, exhibitions and community outreach activities. While being part of the Triangle Network offers an opportunity for support and exchange, each partner remains independent and develops programs that respond to the local needs of their artists and audiences.

Triangle Arts Association in New York has continuously facilitated workshops as part of its programs since 1982. The 1993 workshop was the last workshop to take place in Pine Plains, NY. In 1995 the workshop was held in Marseille, France, and in Monroe, NY, in 1997. The workshops have been held biennially, since 1998, when Triangle moved to the North Tower of the World Trade Center. Rendered homeless after the tragic events of September 11, 2001 Triangle relocated to its current location in Dumbo, Brooklyn in 2002. In 2015 the workshop returned to its upstate roots, taking place in Salem, New York.

Meanwhile, Triangle’s programs in New York City have expanded over the years and also include residencies, public programs, educational initiatives, publications and exhibitions.